This is the place to read about the latest projects I am working on 🙂


Brand New
This Fret-less water dish slide Cigar Box Guitar is my latest completed project 🙂
One piezo disk pick up under the water dish, and a mono jack on end of box.
Box is made of Redwood, Neck and Fret board is Mahogany.
Guitar strings 5,4,3

Wow it’s finished
Hi all, I am working on a Cigar Box Guitar that has a 5.5 inch circular saw blade for a resonator. The CBG has a Real Cigar Box, and a regular guitar Wound Pick-up. The box is a very nice red finish. I am quite happy with the way the CBG is progressing, pictures are on the way soon.

OK This CBG is Completed 🙂

Just finished
2 Hand made electric Diddley Bows
Has one wound pickup and one plugin jack (jack is mono)
Overall dimensions 34 inches long, 3.5 inches wide, 2 inches high
The wood plank is 34″ L, 3.5 ” wide, 3/4 ” high and is made from Select Pine
Has one .046 Electric Guitar String
Finish is clear
This diddley bow has an Altoids can as a resonator and the jack is mounted in it also.