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All orders through December 31, 2017

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Dog Dish Resonator Cigar Box Guitar (#158) (In Stock)  $139.95

Dog Dish Resonator cigar box guitar. (Made To ORDER) $169.95+

3 String, Dog Dish Resonator, Cigar Box Guitar, with Preamp, Zero Fret and Easy Action Adjuster, (Made To Order) $189.95

Ax Diddley Bow, Wound pick up, Volume/Tone controls, (Made To Order) $89.95

Electric, Rocket Style, Mountain Dulcimer with Dog Dish Resonator, Solid Body (MADE TO ORDER) $99.95

Paint Can Lid Resonator Cigar Box Guitar (#159) (In Stock)  $139.95

Canjo with Clip on Pickup (In Stock) A Fantastic Christmas Gift for anyone 🙂 $29.99

Garden Spade Electric Slide Guitar (Made To Order) $239.95

#137 Lap Steel Guitar, with volume and tone controls (In Stock) $99.95